Benji Bat

Twit-Twoo. Benjamin- bat at your service. And what can I do for you?

Do you have a really big secret wish you would like to come true? Well, I’m not going to give it to you. Heh! Heh!- But I might! Like lots of things - I haven’t made up my mind yet.

You see, Demeanor, the Queen of all Witches and Vampires, killed my parents and brought me up as her special pet. I escaped – and now I do try to be good, I can even make wishes come true; but sometimes I’m bad, very bad. Well, if you were brought up by a witch, you’d be bad sometimes too, wouldn’t you?

Benji-bat at your service.  If I’m right and I am because I’m always right, you have a special wish you would like to come true, haven’t you? You can make that wish now. And when you read Lily and the Island of Secrets, you’ll discover how the magic jewel inside you can make your wishes come true.

Probably! Heh! Heh!