Mr Poddleposh

Good day to you. I am Mr Poddleposh the Third, but you may call me ‘Posh’ because I am!  You won’t belieeeve it but Windy got one of her spells right and before you can say ‘Jolly Green Dragon,’ here I am! I’m a young friendly dragon, and if you look carefully you will see I have Demeanor, the Queen of all Witches and Vampires, gripped in my right claw! And it’s just as well because that mischievous bat, Benji-bat, has warned us: ‘Before your journey is over, a girl and a boy will lose their home, a witch will take the throne, a dragon will cry, and one, or all of you, will die!’

Huh! Not if I can help it! Grrrrrrrrrrr!