Hello new friend. I like you - and I’m wagging my tail because you just looked at my picture. I hope you don’t mind but I like Lily best of all. That’s because she’s really kind. Lily says I might not be the brightest of dogs, but I’m very loving – and being loving is better than being clever.  Do you think it is? Lily said it is, and she’s my forever best friend and she’s very, very clever. So it must be true – mustn’t it?

Come closer.  I want to whisper something to you. There’s this scary witch called Demeanor - she says she wants to catch us and eat us and suck our blood, and do other horrible things to us, F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  Don’t tell anyone but I’m a bit scared.   Demeanor is the Queen of all Witches and Vampires and lives in the bowels of the earth – and she’s trying to kill us and – well, that’s another story! To find out what happens, you’ll have to read Lily, Windy and the Witch - if you dare!

It’s an amazing adventure, and lots of fun. And in: Lily and the Island of Secrets we fight Demeanor again –but you must be brave because you’ll never have read anything like this before. It’s magic!

I have to go now, I protect Lily and help her fight the wicked witch. It’s lots of scary fun. Yikes! See you there!