Hi, I’m Tommy. You’re probably quite intelligent – after all you have chosen to read about me - but I must tell you however intelligent you think you are, you’re not half as intelligent as me! I’m Champo-super-duper-clever - probably because I read a lot. And I have a secret book that tells me all sorts of interesting facts about everything. Another thing you should know about me is that I like all sorts of strange creatures and insects. And I’m quite fond of Lily’s dog, Slobberchops - but he does pong a bit. That’s normal for Slobberchops because he does a lot of bottom burps. Did you know cows do a lot of bottom burps too? They make so much methane gas it’s affecting the ozone layer in the sky. Not a lot of people know that. I read it in my book. Told you I’m ever so clever.

Oh and one last thing. Don’t tell anyone but I go on secret journeys with Lily and her dog Slobberchops. I didn’t believe there were such things as witches – until I had to fight one! And on our second adventure we sail on a magic ship to a mysterious island. You’ll never believe what we found there! You can read all about that adventure in Lily and the Island of Secrets. See you there!