Windy the Fairy

“Chilly bum! Chilly dum do!” I made a wish. You made it come true! Thank you. I wanted you to come – now here you are! Phew! That’s one spell I’ve got right! Hi, I’m Windy. I’m young and I’m feisty and I’m lots of fun!

I bet your spells go wrong sometimes too don’t they? What?! You’re not a fairy? Oh …Poor you! Fairies get to do lots of magic and have lots of fun, especially naughty fairies like me! You know someone who doesn’t b-e-l-i-e-v-e in fairies?

Chilly dum dum. Chilly dum do, I’ll put a spell on them – and you! Well, I would if I could get one right! Only kidding! Come on. I dare you! Come and see what happens when my really big spells go wrong … It’s fun fun fun! Chilly Dum Dum! Come and join in the fun!